Guess whos looking after the books?

The Book-Keeping Network


Financial reporting is The Book-Keeping Network’s “product” — financial reporting is critical to any business.

Large firms can afford to hire an accountant or book-keeper, but the proprietors of smaller businesses have to try and find time to do the book-keeping as well as attend to customers, supervise staff and undertake all of the other tasks required to ensure that the business prospers.

In many smaller businesses, the critically important task of cash management is often neglected.  Without accurate and timely financial reports, a business proprietor is “flying blind”.  Flying blind in financial matters is a common and well-documented cause of business failure.  It is the need for a cost-effective solution to small business financial reporting that The Book-Keeping Network aims to satisfy.

Being in business is not getting any easier.  Banks are requiring more regular financial reports from their clients and with the advent of the Australian Taxation Office conducting record keeping audits as well as tax compliance audits, businesses now more than ever require the sorts of services The Book-Keeping Network delivers.

Businesses are more likely to succeed by concentrating on their core activities and sub-contracting or outsourcing the other aspects of their business.

This is where The Book-Keeping Network comes in.  With a particular expertise in the building and construction industry but catering to small and medium businesses and organisations generally, our services include preparation and maintenance of:

Invoice registers Petty Cash books Asset registers
Lease equipment registers Payroll General Ledger and Cashbooks
Profit and Loss precision plans Profit and Loss reports Balance sheets
Job Costing Debtors Creditors
Retentions Prescribed payments Payrolls
To find out more about the services we offer or to discuss your particular book-keeping needs and obtain an obligation-free quote, please contact your local representative.